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You can use a Wireless Access Point to extend the range of a network.Use our wireless routers. buy or rent a router. computer, but.Mooch off of a service that I pay for, you will pay a lot more in the end.And using your own devices instead of the ones your ISP provides can save you some money.Anyone with a Wi-Fi-capable device can connect to an open Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Wi-Fi refers to specific standards, typically a variation of 802.11 a, b, g, or n.

Hi sir, I want to know if someone is using my broadband remotely without my knowledge how should i check the usage done by other from my PC or router.I also have a new laptop that has Wi Fi and I want to know what I need to buy so that I can share the connection that I already have with my home computer.A router connects multiple networks and routes network traffic between them.

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That it happens to be wireless instead of wired is actually irrelevant, other than making sure the appropriate device is installed an has its drivers installed as well.

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I was connected to an ISP who had installed a directional antenna on my home and an Avaya Wireless USB card (802.11b) back in 2002.

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Internet safety: 8 steps to keeping your computer safe on the internet Internet Safety is difficult, yet critical.I think you could also just use the connector from your phone and plug straight into a USB port to get online.I now want to connect my desk top computer (uses Windows 7) to the wireless features in my new home, to minimize cords, etc.How to Make Your Computer Wireless. Products. Once all that has been completed you can connect to any existing Wireless router as long as you know the password or.A wireless router is a device that transmits data to and from your Internet connection without requiring your computer to be.

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Hi, I am wondering if you could help me that how could I connect my desktop to my router with out physical connection.

I have set up a wireless network using a Linksys WRT54G-BP router.And where do I purchase an expansion card or the wireless adapter USB.Sometimes if you buy a new wireless router and setup security.I recently bought a wireless adapter for my sons desktop. i have a netgear router connected to may main computer.Ethernet cable output that you can plug into any router (or a single computer). need to buy a home router.There are hundreds of different pre-defined port numbers for all common services.

Some ISPs also bundle a phone interface into the same box so you can use their VOIP offerings.My home computer is a desktop with a Broadband Modem thru Verizon.

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Your reaction is excellent and enlightening especially to a novice like me.

A Beginners Guide to Routers. you can be on your desktop in the office and your kids can be on their computer in.

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How to Buy Your Next Wireless Router. in your home: a) your personal computer, b) your. off the shelf at Best Buy or Office Depot.

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If you mean your mobile phone, you need to contact your mobile provider.I personally do not have WiFi myself, but my laptop tries to connect ( and sometimes does ) to my neighbors.

VERY IMPORTANT: comments that do not add to the discussion - typically spammy, off-topic, or content-free comments - will be removed.Also my home computer has Windows XP and my laptop has Windows Vista.I have bought a wireless adapter but when I put it in to connect It keeps saying detecting apapter.Do I need to do more than install the adapters cd.