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This license requires activation of one of the following licenses to specify the total number SSL VPN sessions permitted: AnyConnect Essentials or AnyConnect Premium SSL VPN.How to Upgrade the License on a Cisco ASA. 2 This platform has a Base license. 2 This platform has an ASA 5505 Security Plus license. The.

Multiple ASAs can share a pool of SSL VPN sessions on an as-needed basis.Hi Experts, I have a Cisco ASA 5505 router with a base license (10x inside hosts, 3x VLAN, 25x VPN).

The main server and backup server sync the data at 10 second intervals.The following is sample output from the show shared license detail command on the license server.The following example sets the shared secret, changes the refresh interval and port, configures a backup server, and enables this unit as the shared licensing server on the inside interface and dmz interface.This section describes how the main server and backup server interact with failover.The base license appears to not allow any SSL VPN client connections until you buy the Anyconnect Plus license.

The participant must have a shared licensing participant key.Buy a Cisco ASA 5505 Software - upgrade license or other Firewall. ASA 5. 50. 5. Base License.For these features, activate an AnyConnect Premium SSL VPN license instead of the AnyConnect Essentials license.

Temporary Flash Activation Key: 0xcb0367ce 0x700dd51d 0xd57b98e3 0x6ebcf553 0x0b058aac.This section describes how a shared license works, and includes the following topics.

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When the main server goes down, the backup server takes over server operation.

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For failover purposes, temporary and permanent licenses appear to be identical, so you can have a permanent license on one unit and a temporary license on the other unit.

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Sets the shared secret, a string between 4 and 128 ASCII characters.

Recovering a License Activation Key for the Cisco ASA

To obtain an activation key, you need a Product Authorization Key, which you can purchase from your Cisco account representative.ASA 5505 SSL VPN license update. Hi all. Our ASA 5505 with DATABASE default license allowing only 10 simultaneous vpn sessions (including 2.Cisco Asa 5505 Software License Upgrade. 50. Firewall Software.Note With the AnyConnect Essentials license, VPN users can use a Web browser to log in, and download and start (WebLaunch) the AnyConnect client.If you need to upgrade the license on a failover pair, you might have some amount of downtime depending on whether the license requires a reload.

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Dual ISPs: Disabled VLAN Trunk Ports: 0 Shared License: Disabled AnyConnect for Mobile.To change the running activation key, enter the activation-key command with a new key value.

For example, you might buy a VPN Flex license to handle short-term surges in the number of concurrent SSL VPN users, or you might order a Botnet Traffic Filter temporary license that is valid for 1 year.A shared license lets you purchase a large number of SSL VPN sessions and share the sessions as needed amongst a group of ASAs by configuring one of the ASAs as a shared licensing server, and the rest as shared licensing participants.

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Note For failover purposes, there is no distinction between permanent and temporary licenses as long as the feature set is the same between the two units.Hosts that initiate traffic between Business and Home are also not counted towards the limit.Licenses for AnyConnect. of the Cisco ASA 5505 Adaptive Security Appliance for.

When the main server comes back up, it syncs with the backup server, and then takes over server operation.If you have the 3DES license installed, DES is still available.It is represented by an activation key that is a 160-bit (5 32-bit words or 20 bytes) value.

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This section configures a shared licensing participant to communicate with the shared licensing server.In the case of evaluation licenses that group multiple features into one activation key, then multiple features are supported at the same time.Note The backup server mechanism is separate from, but compatible with, failover.When the active license expires, you need to manually activate the new one.You need to purchase a separate Product Activation Key for each feature license.