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Granted, out of all the sports, professional cycling is, by far, the most impenetrable to.The 1KM marker is further down Rivoli to the right, about 300m or so.

If you start moving about you will end up being 4-5 people deep behind the barriers and photo taking becomes a nightmare.Given they are my tips, the opinions are based on my experiences.It should be easy to get a front row near Palais Royal until around 2-3PM.Also, security wise, given Boston a few years back, Nice recently, would you feel safe around these areas (escape options, etc).The mechs are camped out there for the whole day and it seems less hectic so you can see them tending to all the bikes and equipment, chat with them, etc.

You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget.I caught the peleton climbing out of the American River canyon then zipped downtown to see the finish a few hours later.Thank you Helen, someone else has mentioned about the distance from the riders at the Arc.I understand the roads in the mountain itself are going to be closed from Saturday night.The first thing you need to know is that for the most part, the final stage in the TdF is mostly symbolic.

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But with La Course, I believe it was around 10AM last year it closed.Plan to be on the same side of the carousel that you were with the Pyramid as the background, thou it seems that the route this year goes on the side of the carrousel closer to the pyramid.Also, in general team buses are not very accessible after a stage (before is great, a zillion times better).Riding the climb the same day means that you accept constant stop and go.As you can see, this is showing you the estimated arrival times at all of these locations for two different groups.I have to agree that the Tuileries is a good spot to watch from, as well as along the Seine.

Or we should be there too early to be able to see the ceremony.So basically, if you want to climb to the finish line, you better be an early bird.People love to share good times and it can be one heck of a party.Second, the peloton moves faster than most side roads speed limits in France.For over a decade now, our July tradition has been to watch each stage of le Tour de France on cable.Can anyone recommend a good place to settle for a couple of hours and enjoy the cycling.My girlfriend and I will be seeing the tour in person for the first time this summer.

We will be staying in Dijon or Beaune and I was thinking we would get up really early and drive to the stage to check out all the teams before they start.For stage 17, that means we would have to backtrack the route via D1091 up to Lautaret and up Galibier.In the morning there was a Gendarme patrolling the junction who just smiled and wished us Bonjour when we approached him.With the individual time trial the riders are separated by a handful of minutes each.We watched the break and peloton come across a bridge and wind up the hill to the castle (only categorized climb of the stage) around 1pm.It was a nice spot although I originally intended to go near the Arc.

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But thanks to the boost in mainstream popularity Lance Armstrong brought the sport, the TV.I suspect simply bag checks for entry into some areas, but even that will realistically be tough to do over such a large area.

You can easily get rental cars though at any major train station.We did this our first year here in Paris and then two years ago too.Not sure if this will still be active for the 2016 Tour, but I am planning to attend for the first time.

Though, that was transferred from my DSLR, which means it was probably a touch bit sooner than that.Almost all of that action though will happen within the Paris city limits on the loops themselves.

Do you think we should stay at the end point or go futher away.These come in the form of team vehicles, media cars, sponsor cars, and just about anything else with at least two wheels and the right sticker.

For stage 18: Watch the start in Briancon and then head up Izoard at some point.Just be aware that many official vehicles (hundreds upon hundreds) carrying media, teams, queens, and whomever else use those mostly closed roads at extremely high speeds on the day of the race.Doing so on Tour day will be impossible (heck, many might even close).So you can go down on one side of the road and come up on the other side easily.Getting up Close With the Teams: This is how to see the riders and bikes off-course.

Once that whole mess passes (anywhere from 5-15 minutes), then the show is done for the day.

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Unfortunately going to be walking up so hopefully I can get a good parking spot.For example, for our hotel tomorrow night we just booked that three hours ago.These include spare bikes from each team, as well as usually PR related activities for each team.

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