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Server: NA; Posted July 21, 2014. the People's...

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Asia server - posted in General Discussion: I started playing WOT blitz in china, but live in the US.

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Tank destroyers are being implemented but for the time being are exclusive to the Chinese server.

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The game features aspects similar to World of Tanks and World.

Using Battleping will create an World of Tanks tunnel connection between yourself and the Battleping server.Can i play there when i go back (as i am on ASIA servers). Also.

Seoul, Republic of Korea ( (,, are presently at least six server ( North A, EU, Asian, Russian, Korean, Mainland China ) groups located around the world for playing World of Tanks.RU1 - Moscow, Russia ( (,,,

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Because I know Chinese, some guys PM me to ask how to download the Chinese version of World of Tanks and play on it.Five of the server groups are operated by, while a sixth is operated by KongZhong in China.You guys can use the following Identification number to sign up.Chinese tanks, for the most part, have unparalleled mobility, good camouflage values and sloped armor.

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EU2 - Amsterdam, Netherlands ( (,,,

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World of Tanks Cheat is developed to work for the next game platforms: Online Game - Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

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EU1 - Bavaria, Germany ( (,,,

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So, it is necessity to fix lag issue or cut off latency for great gameplay experience.

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RU6 - Moscow, Russia ( (,,, Tanks to be Rebalanced 179. Victor Kislyi Meets World of Tanks Players.

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