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Comments and Ratings: They have a good number of verified torrents.Are you looking for eBook Torrents, then you are almost the right place.It is important for a torrent search site to have a large index of torrents, but the value of these torrent search sites are the tools they have to achieve this goal.This article lists public torrent search sites, which do not require registration.

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I use Firefox with the AdBlockPlus and AddBlockPlus PopUp add ons and most all scams, fake downloads and ads were invisible.Not my personal preference for viewing results as I prefer to see all the results at once, but this type does appeal to some users.It indexes over 5 million torrents and monitors the torrents that are uploaded through their site.Here is our list of the best music torrent websites available.

You have a very good list of torrent search engines but my favorite site is not listed there and even the famous isohunt new domain after they were shutdown, is not also listed.A negative is the lack of comments or ratings for the quality of the content.Torrents are the best ways to download any files on the internet to download files.Update Cancel. Best Free Torrent Search Engines. What is the best way to get a.Sites with a offer the alternative of a magnet link. (Thanks to Max for this suggestion).The results show the pages at the sites and the sites can be toggled up top.

The General listing is of the sites that index all varieties of content.Many times I have seen a new bittorrent user end up with a toolbar instead of the torrent.Again, if you use a web browser that has ad blocking capability, all the ads, toolbar download and scam links disappear.

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Unfortunately this then shows the articles as being updated when in fact the content might be exactly the same.One drawback is that they do not host the torrent files and one must go to other sites for the download.

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They index over 9 million torrents, including over 1 million verified torrents.Torrentz ( is another comprehensive search engine that lists over 14.5 million torrents and has almost 3 million torrents that have been verified to be clean.But searching for them is one hell of a job because there are many fake torrents and also many torrents which.

This site has gained popularity with a number of users on the web and is a good source.Comments and Ratings: PirateBay has a comments and ratings system.Results may be filtered by categories and for videos further filtering is available by version.There is a lot of content uploaded through the site, so you do not need to go to the other torrents listed.Use This Free Spybot Utility to Block Microsoft Monitoring in Windows.ThePirateBay ( ) ProxyBay.Info Come In is probably the most well known torrent search site.All in all, it is pretty clean, but I would suggest keeping ABP enabled.

All of these sites have received a green rating from WOT (Web Of Trust) and only sites with a green rating from WOT will be listed here.Sorting by name, size, date uploaded, seeds and peers are available after a search.ADS Some torrent search sites have a large number of ads through the pages.Torrentz also has the nice feature of listing all trackers for a torrent, not just the ones embedded in the torrent file, though this is not that important in torrents now.Nice site give the layout and large amount of verified torrents.This is a characteristic of Drupal and something over which we have no control.

Shut it off and proceed with caution and pay attention to the offers for toolbars.