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Get close enough to the glass and your reflection will show up.

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Keep it civil and on topic - Posts must be directly related to Xbox One.SmartGlass lets you view basic information like messages, achievements, and friend activity on the second screen.

Is this something you were able to get working for yourself on your system.

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Whenever I click the stream button, the Xbox App just closes down instantly.This will make your TV still output the video from the cable box (making your wife happy) while you stream your game.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.Until or unless Microsoft makes the Xbox One as reliable, expect to scream at your console — and to get no response part of the time.

Even if you buy a physical disc, all Xbox One games require installation.But as developers are already making clear, turning a Windows app into an Xbox One app is really, really easy.After you hook up your TV, your cable box, your Kinect, and your wireless gamepad, you have to download a mandatory day-one update, sign into Xbox Live, and wait for the console to install a game before you can play anything at all.

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I want to replicate the homepage of Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software.

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Need to change the quality to low to make it smooth but it works.After going through all of this wanting to get port forwarding to work and not deal with a DMZ, I got it all working and wrote a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

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I begged, I pleaded with the device to do what I wanted in the most commanding yet humble tone I could muster, and on many occasions it indeed felt like I had the robotic butler of my dreams.

With the Xbox 360, Kinect had a minimal role in the interface: you could wave your hands to painstakingly swipe through pages of app icons, and you could issue voice commands to select a limited number of menu items on-screen.It was included on CD-ROM versions of the Microsoft Windows 95 operating.You can turn off the microphone, the camera, or both from a dedicated Kinect page in the settings menu, or simply unplug the peripheral completely for maximum privacy.I have 10MBs upload at my home for example and it seems to work fine.

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Download this game from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Hover.There are already plenty of guides out there one can follow to complete this step.Not sure about what the lag will be that way, but it should definitely at least WORK.I have a public IP I can use and can forward to a local address, so that pulls it out of DMZ.

Not sure if I need to wait a few more days, or if he ever got to it because I was so late.You can shout commands to your army in Ryse or to your friends in Dead Rising 3, or lean and peek around corners with your head in Forza 5 and Battlefield 4.When your car takes a corner hard in Forza, you can feel the traction of the tires — or lack thereof — in your fingertips.And yet, there is one difference that might ruffle a few feathers here and there.The Xbox keeps a running log of everything you do, so if at any point in the process you want to go back a step or five you can just keep tapping B to do so.The 360 kept getting more and better games, but it also got Netflix, and Hulu Plus, and HBO Go.To update the Xbox app go into the windows store and you should see a down arrow with a number next to it (the number meaning the number of apps that have updates) click that and update the Xbox app.Cosmetically, the battery box no longer sticks out the bottom of the Xbox One controller, since the compartment has been integrated into the frame.

So if you are in the preview program, use the wireless display preview.The Xbox Guide button has been moved northward into a new glossy plastic region at the top of the controller that encompasses the triggers, shoulder buttons, and a standard Micro USB port to juice up the optional rechargeable battery.

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Maybe with Windows 10, this could change, but I doubt we will ever see that.I used a cheap HDMI splitter from the STB and ran one output into the XBOX which is connected to TV Source 2 and the other output into TV Source 1.My cisco logs were showing random ports being generated between 50000 and 65000.

There are a few subtle, meaningful improvements to the new gamepad, though.Display Play Icon Button Over Image On Hover. This tutorial shows you one way to display a play button when your featured images are hovered over.

Memes, image macros, reaction gifs, polls and petitions are not allowed as posts.The XBox 360 is a big, beefy console that can perform all sorts of multimedia tasks.For me, I logged into my router, and saw my xbox as a device, and was able to note the IP address.You can go to google and type External ip and you will see it.

Plus you are sharing maybe a couple public IP addresses with 1000s of computers.The new Mayor of Hover-City is prohibiting video games and all sorts of entertainment.Some of these are easily solved problems, but others — cable integration in particular — are a much steeper uphill climb.I think another requirement should be a decent Internet connection with as much upload bandwidth as possible on the xbox side.I was having issues just turning on the Xbox when I was on my local network.Please note, once connected, you can adjust the quality of the stream in the upper right hand corner for better performance.The features that Microsoft was able to build are equally half-finished.