Can t install net framework 3.5

Can you describe what you were doping when you were asked tom install Net framework.Enabled also the windows update service as was suggested in one thread.

Windows 8–can’t install .Net Framework 3.5 (0x800F0906

I have it too, need to install Zune for win8 32 machine and that requires 3.5.Have run the restorehealth several times, and scanhealth is not reporting any errors.Please I have downloaded the HashCheck file, so how do I go about checking my SHA1 hashes.The Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 Deployment Considerations whitepaper is now live on the web at.

That version of the Framework is no longer included in builds so it needs to be installed either online or via the offline command I listed.What this is saying is the System.Runtime.Remoting.dll file in your c:\netfx3 folder is corrupt (or was corrupted when it was copied from there to the temp working folder).

There is also a screenshot to show that e: is the source and the dvd is there are ready.So we cannot even install a package without this nice feature of Win 8 getting involved.

Have tried 3 different locations (W8CP folder (old), the one in C:\windows and one in my windows usb stick).Server 2012 for WSUS so there is no way to configure the alternate path that I am aware of.

Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.Tried disabling through the features and through Command Promt.While it was downloading, ran the repair command again and it found and fixed corruption again (2nd time if you recall).

Thanks for the guide, I was getting both errors 0x800F0906 and 0x800F081F when trying to install.Net 3.5. I was trying to install the feature from an old Windows 8.

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Hi Lebbz, for a complete understanding you can try this link.I may have missed something but I had a very hard time getting the.Net Framework 3.5 to install on Windows 8 RTM.DISM is the only successful way to do this in a production network that is run on Server 2008 R2.

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THANKS THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS VERY MUCH,YOU ARE INTELLIGENT PERSON,thank you very much,so so so thanks you.:) this problem is solved:).I have tried all methods, the next step for me is to show you the logs you request from everyone else.Please notify me if there are any other logs or specs you might need.

Well, a lot it would seem, as after restoring these variables to their proper C:\Windows\temp (and restarting the pc) the dotnet install went smoothly:).Sorry, yesterday I was on my windows 7 pc and. without any thought I sent you wrong logs.Please upload the requested logs files so that we can see what went wrong.When this fails, is there anyway to differentiate the error code, where it would be easier to know where.I have tried pointing it to the place on my C drive where the iso file is, it still comes up with the 0x800F081F error code.Restart your pc, then repeat the Windows Update method or DISM method in cmd.

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The DISM log file can be found at C:\WINDOWS\Logs\DISM\dism.log.I have tried local and domain users that are administrators of the machine.

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I have run the Restorehealth command a couple of times, with no succes.So I decided to redownload the Windows 8 Enterprise eval again.