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How to make a free wifi Android phone with no contract or even a phone with a bad esn - Duration: 8:42. 1,095,331 views.If your carrier asks you to pay for the right to tether (called mobile hotspot), and you do so without enrolling.

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Tablets are also great because they let you carry around tons of reading material without weighing down your bag.

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Right, so using the modems my neighbors pay to rent to provide me with a service is a good reason to charge me for the modem they use as a hotspot.So ask yourself: Do you need a hotspot for business or personal use.

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The only problem with tethering is that carriers do their utmost to discourage it.I was grandfathered in with unlimited data when it was offered a few years ago.

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Essentially, your phone creates its own wireless network, providing data to nearby tablets, laptops, e-readers and iPods.

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In fact, some studies have shown that in 2011 up to 90 percent of all tablets sold in the United States relied on Wi-Fi, rather than on 3G or 4G LTE.Any data you use counts against your monthly limit, except for unlimited plans, which get 2.5 GB of hotspot use per month.

Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have.Android is just a little trickier because the Settings app can vary by phone, but here are instructions for recent phones from the major brands.

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As it is a pure Google experience phone tethering is baked right into the firmware and Sprint has no.

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So the next time you head out of town (or go to the gym or hop on the train for your morning commute), try preloading some magazines and books on your Wi-Fi-only tablet so you can read at your leisure--without an Internet connection.

Find out whether your library participates by searching OverDrive.Zinio reading app Zinio (for Android and iPad ) is an excellent reading app that lets you subscribe to hundreds of magazines (in full color).

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Verizon to Allow Third-Party Tethering Apps on Android Phones.But jailbreaking, rooting, or paying a monthly fee may be a small price to pay for the freedom to use your Wi-Fi only tablet (and other devices, such as your laptop) wherever you can use your phone.Even if you put aside the. who might be willing to pay an extra monthly charge.

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Suppose that you like to read Web pages--not magazines and books--on your tablet.Instead of letting your lack of Internet connection frustrate you, try using a service such as Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later.