Foscam remote access not working

Works good over home net and not on mobile net, I just wish I could video record when I tap the red button to video record it tells me it can not record video at this time.Latest update fixed the crashing but I still cannot get on my camera remotely.

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If you try and push the x to get rid of it and miss it by a little it opens an internet page.

The app is intended for use by domestic Foscam users who have dedicated access.Getting my Foscam Camera to work with Xfinity. with the Xfinity and the Foscam but not wireless or remote access.Can i access my foscam from my cell phone. Let me know if it does not work.Port forwarding opens certain ports on your home or small business network,. (such as remote access or Web servers).To be able to access my camera either on WiFi or off of WiFi without having to change the settings.

After about 3 weeks my computer developed a virus from the foscam program so I had to delete it.

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Why have you removed functionality from this app and made it just a link to the new one that does not support my camera.It is important that you read the paragraphs at the top of this page as well as make sure to read the instructions included with any download very carefully.Your IP Network Camera and Video Server Source. then ready to start configuration for remote access to the camera.I dedicated a port to each camera - which worked great for 1 year.Virus and Malware. and H.264 (e.g. Foscam FI9821W. please access the Help page inside the.You have to wait through it, and as far as I can see there is no way to remove it.

Will for you to use their new version and will lost all your cameras in the previos version.

My new phone unfortunately had auto update turned on and it updated this app.Foscam FI8918 remote access via domain address failed. Contact Us.

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Full Review James Harris December 3, 2015 Cloud services ad ware This app used to work.

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Foscam FI9821W V1 (and others with media ports)

It is picky with the settings, so I had to make changes here and there until I got them right.

One user suggested that the only way to get your cameras setup is by using her magic or voodoo. and he was right.Full Review Roy Cellulary April 15, 2016 Do not upgrade I reverted back to a backed up version i had, so this review is for the old version.

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Earlier version had been working perfectly fine for the last two years.

Full Review scott duhan June 13, 2016 Very unreliable Only works when it wants to work it seems.Foscam - Remote viewing does not work, inefficient technical support. Could not get it to work properly (no internet access).The recent update fixes the crash on start but still forces the ad for the cloud services app on you each time.