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Packet loss can occur anywhere along the path between your computer and the.As for your equipment, look at all the interfaces for any errors being generated.

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The NAT statements were from before the VPN when we accessed that network via an T1 and this was a gateway to another set of resources.

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About a month ago, I found it has around 3% packet loss under this VPN.

If you can ping one way fine but not the other, the first thing that comes to mind is an IPSEC encapsulation problem.

Generally,. as well as shorter distances and high capacity broadband connections where packet loss is unlikely.At the other end of the tunnel, that Sonic Wall connects to a Watchguard, that connects to another Sonicwall, that connects to my Cisco Router.

My apologies in advance, I am rather new to Aruba products, as well as more advanced networking in general.LAN to LAN VPN Packet drop MTU 35% Packet drop IP fragmentation Packet loss MTU sizes are configured differently on both VPN devices Increasing counts of Auth fail.

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One caution - note I said packet loss - you can expect to see variations in the response times,.SSTP UDP Packet Loss Windows Server 2012. please try to use this software without VPN.Network Z and X are unafiliated with My two networks, and they are unafiliated with each other.Getting random packet loss Rate This: Your rating was not submitted, please try again later.Keep in touch with Experts Exchange Tech news and trends delivered to your inbox every month.Use the Linux traceroute utility to determine latency or routing problems.

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I never have more than one packet in a row drop, or more than 2 in a row not drop.I can see in PingPlotter that while on US East, there are like 3-4 Choopra hops that it uses, all of which were having high packet loss and then when I use NYC, there is only one hop that it takes on the VPN side and I see no packet loss.

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Using OpenVPN with TCP vs. UDP. when packet loss happens on VOIP,.

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If you have a problem with errors on a physical interface, that this will help to track down the problem.After some time of active PIA connection (usually few hours) I have web-surfing becomes almost impossible, often even Skype turns offline.

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Have been seeing the same issues with at least Netherlands and Germany servers.Finally after much frustration managed to get the Netear DG834G VPN firmware in place and working.Experiencing packet loss on a PPTP VPN connection using Windows 7. experiencing-packet-loss-on. packet loss when connecting to the same VPN.