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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the video and I will do my best.Facebook lets businesses create pages to interact with customers and advertise products and services.

Learn about the privacy issues facing users of Facebook Messenger, and how to adjust the privacy settings in the iOS and Android versions of the app.To create a Friends List, you cannot use the mobile app, so open up the Facebook website on your computer.

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The company can use that data to better target ads to you, or to decide what to show you in your News Feed.

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You can also choose not to let search engines link to your timeline from this panel.Facebook users are being encouraged to double-check their privacy settings after the social network introduced an update to its search feature which adds almost 2.This video explains how to change your Facebook security settings.

Editing Your Settings. Language settings help change the languages you see.Learn how to change your Facebook account settings using both the Facebook website and the official Facebook app for mobile devices.

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Once you make a list, you can publish posts, photos, or any media to a specific list.

For each app, website, or plug-in, you can control what information is shared.

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To view or change your security settings, you use the Global Security Settings panel.The Facebook Audience Network has let these preferences follow you around the web, regardless of whether you want them to.Until now, when someone joined Facebook, his or her posts were.

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Only the people on that list will see the post in their News Feeds.The feature that enables this two-way sharing of your information and activity is called Platform.

Facebook For a good example of how Facebook communicates with other websites, think about whenever you log in to another website using your Facebook username and password.You can choose to post to Public, Friends, Friends Except Acquaintances or custom lists.

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Facebook, and other (but not all) companies will no longer serve you ads based on your online activity.

Facebook security settings have numerous areas you can review or change.When it comes to protecting your FaceBook account, the best defense is a strong one.

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In this video I show you how to set all your Facebook profile settings to.

Gradually we will properly configure our privacy settings on Facebook, and avoid.

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Facebook offers privacy settings that give you. by my friends how can i addd a security in my fb account that.The Dot Is the Most Important Alexa Device Author: David Pierce David Pierce More Stories View Comments Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain Christopher Null Review: Volta V Gaming PC David Pierce Your Phone Is Your Most Vulnerable Gadget.You will need to configure the security settings for Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) before you can successfully create a DeviceManager object on an Active Server.

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