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Download the Move to iOS app t o get help switching from your Android device to your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.Two Parts: Changing the Lock Screen Changing the Home Screen and Icons.Changing the React Native RootView Background Color (iOS and. color for Android.

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How to keep all the files stored on the old phone to the new phone after changing from an.Join the Apple club with our complete guide to switching from Android to iOS.Windows apps concept mapping for Android and iOS developers.

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Google recently launched a new photo and video manager app on both Android and iOS,.I am talking about the app icon that appears in the list of apps on Android and iOS when you install on a device.Is it possible to change from an iOS device to an Android device.

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How to replace your Android or iOS keyboard. or the thin gray ones used in iOS.

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After all, Android devices seem to have all the fancy new features these days.Android devices tend to have better specs in terms of hardware, and those with a quad-core processor are ideal for running action packed games, he said.

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Switching from iPhone to Android: tips and tricks you should know.Split screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5S.

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This, of course, is where the biggest divergence is. The new quick reply feature in iOS.For example, Samsung just launched a new model of its Galaxy Note smartphone—which runs on Android—with a curved display.There are two ways to get your contacts and calendar dates from Android onto iOS. How to Make the Switch from Android to iOS.

If you want to change the way your phone look then try one of the given methods that explain how to change app icons on Android. change Android icons. The first.

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In fact, about 99.9 percent of all new mobile phone malware targets Android, according to the security firm Kaspersky Lab.However, you will be able to take your contacts, iTunes music and your calendar.

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Since the Calendar app is synced automatically with the Google Calendar server on most Android devices, your calendar should then be available on your Android device.This article starts a series of blogs on my ventures into Android land after having used iOS devices for 6 years.