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Found the traffic tools useful for troubleshooting a Wi-Fi issue.The fact settings can be adjusted through the application makes tweaking settings while remote from the hardware easy.The play store Dave Lewis Works quite well on my Linksys WRT1200AC.Full Review Anthony Domagas February 25, 2017 Must have for DD-WRT routers.Full Review John Martin March 6, 2017 This is a great companion to any dd-wrt router.

Full Review Robert Blackwell April 1, 2017 With my Netgear WNDR3700 and DLINK 615 e3 routers.See the support website for instructions on how to setup your router(s): DD-WRT Companion supports both private key and password-based SSH authentication methods.I do know that DD-WRT and D-link have good parental options built-in,.

Netgear WNR3500L Wireless N Gigabit Router with DD-WRT VPN firmware.Timeline for implementation Expected timeline for CC and DD is 12.I am currently using stock firmware in my WNDR3800 and using many of the parental control features - timed access controls, by-pass accounts etc.Parental controls have stopped working and my kids now appear to have 24x7 access.

We do recommend you leverage strong public-private key authentication for SSH access.Full Review roander1974 January 8, 2017 Great app I used wrtgate until I bought this. 5 stars if you can make it work remotely from anywhere.Flashed with DD-WRT firmware and now have access control working with mac.Full Review Michael Chandler July 6, 2017 This is awesome, makes controlling and monitoring my router away from home super easy.

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Just tag the hosts you want to be part of the kids zone to distribute the OpenDNS servers instead of the default one.I want to be able to disable adult site browsing and the like from kids hardware.Full Review Thai Tran February 20, 2017 Liking this app and hope it continues to be supported and improved.Full Review Manoj Mathew December 30, 2016 Best dd-wrt companion app Absolutely love the ease with which this app lets you tweak settings.

Any machine on my internal network using OpenDNS will receive re-directs for unwanted sites.Parental Controls:. stackability with the WRT routers and auto-sensing.Perfect companion - WOL is great for waking my media PC and starting a server on the network.Daniel Johnson January 1, 2017 5 routers and counting I currently manage 5 routers and on of which reads via SSH running on DD-WRT aftermarket firmware.

Hi Merlin, I had created serveral client list in Parental Controls with my RT-N66U with firmware 378.51 beta1, it seems only work with client which.Full Review John Apple II June 30, 2017 Great tool for those who use ddwrt.Hi I need to get a new router with powerful parental controls.I have kids at home and all sorts of networked devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, servers, printers, you name it.I certainly miss the Tomato user-friendly GUI, but I do enjoy the power at my fingertips when it comes to network configuration.

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The WRT1900ACS has built-in parental controls that allow you to schedule. of OpenWRT and DD-WRT.

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I have set up parental controls on my DD-WRT router using the instructions here.Full Review June 21, 2017 Amazing app to manage amazing software.This app lets you monitor and manage your DD-WRT routers on the go. Anytime. Anywhere. Management features are being added progressively.Full Review Salman Mehdi April 21, 2017 A must have if you have DD-WRT router.

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DD-WRT is a Linux based alternative OpenSource firmware suitable for a great variety of wireless (WLAN) routers and embedded systems.Had you ever tried to use the DD.Full Review Paul Carter January 2, 2017 Great Really useful, easy to setup and use.

The play store Full Review Dave Lewis May 30, 2017 Works quite well on my Linksys WRT1200AC.New features 1.1 Experimental Support for Tomato firmware 1.2 Update to overall app look 2.I recently upgraded my home network to a beefier TP-Link C5 Archer (75 euros on Amazon).

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Make your modifications there and restart the dnsmasq daemon to activate them.If the app cannot connect to your Router, first ensure you can SSH into your Router from a computer, using the same credentials you provided to the app.Enter OpenWRT: you can actually assign different DHCP settings to hosts on your network, e.g. different DNS servers.

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