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Mobile VPN gives secure access to network resources and software applications.The following sections describe different reference architectures for the XenMobile deployment.

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In this blog I will guide you step-by-step on how to setup Microsoft Azure RemoteApp with a custom image.Citrix ShareFile for XenMobile Allowing secure interaction with Office 365 apps.

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Ever since Citrix acquired Zenprise and officially launched Citrix XenMobile it has been under constant development.CXM-303 Deploying Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Citrix. and integrate components in a Citrix XenMobile 10 Enterprise.White Paper citrix.com 2 Protecting Mobile Apps with Citrix XenMobile and MDX Mobility is a top priority for organizations as more employees demand access to the apps.CXM-303 Deploying Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Citrix XenMobile - Begin your enterprise mobility management (EMM) journey with this five-day introduction to.Then on the other side you have Microsoft, which is coming from a client management standpoint, and they have been there for quite some time.In the recommended deployment model, the XenMobile server is positioned in the DMZ with NetScaler Gateway in front, which provides additional protection for XenMobile.

Q: What versions of NetScaler are supported with XenMobile 10.You deploy XenMobile in MDM mode if you plan to use only the MDM features of XenMobile.XenMobile Micro-VPN implements secure tunneling on the application level, rather than the device level,.

Deploying Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Citrix XenMobile

Users can also connect to mobile apps you wrap with the MDX Toolkit and upload to the console.They also have an integration to exchange to allow the IT-guys to control mobile devices trough Active Sync (this also includes Office 365) There is a new intune release coming with a new release of Configuration Manager the 18th of October.Defend hidden mobile web properties. While XenMobile provides a strong.XenMobile also offers a micro app VPN for over-the-air. camera disable, micro-VPN and more can be.

For a complete list of ports, see XenMobile Port Requirements.You also need Configuration Manager for it to make any sense.) You can also get a discount if you are EAS or EA agreement already which makes Intune more viable.White Paper citrix.com XenMobile Technology Overview 2 Employees want access to apps and data from any mobile device, including their own personal devices.This article contains frequently asked questions about MicroVPN with XenMobile.The components of XenMobile are modular and build on each other.So this is a discussion I often meet, and will come across more the next weeks and months ahead I belive Many of the customers I work with are often a full blowen Citrix customer or more forwards Microsoft.Savid Technologies CEO Mike Davis has previously told InformationWeek that.

Lead, plan, design, implementation and managing of Dev and Production Citrix NetScaler 10.5 to provide secure micro VPN tunnel for XenMobile 10.The App-specific micro VPN feature is only available if you implement NetScaler.

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But have realized in the case of BYOD, the Xen Mobile solution will be more feasible for the dedicated business storage which can get wiped once an employee leaves.Also they have developed sandboxed based applications under the category Worx and they can also deploy any applications from the vendors different stores.

XenMobile: WorxWeb Single Sign On with NetScaler - WorxWeb is the mobile web browser, deployed as part of your deployment XenMobile.For example, you need to manage a corporate-issued device through MDM in order to deploy device policies, apps and to retrieve asset inventories and be able to carry out actions on devices, such as a device wipe.How to Set Up Per-App VPN using Microsoft Intune. Then click on the VPN Profile tab and you will notice the VPN you just created will appear in.Tags: citrix ( 53 ), Configuration Manager ( 12 ), intune ( 7 ), sysctr ( 8 ), System center 2012 ( 15 ), xenmobile ( 4 ).You also want to deliver enterprise mobile apps and be able to lock apps and wipe the data on devices.You can also add app categories, apply workflows, and deploy apps to delivery groups.

This article contains frequently asked questions about MicroVPN with XenMobile App or Enterprise editions and NetScaler Gateway deployments. Q.

WS16 is interesting to XenApp and XenMobile users for a lot of reasons,. and a micro VPN level with NetScaler.Deploying Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Citrix XenMobile.MAM supports iOS and Android devices, but not Windows Phone devices (see.

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