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Prohibited items can include furs, alcohol and flammable objects.Leadership: President Thein Sein, a former general who assumed office in 2011 after a 2010 election that heavily favored military-backed candidates.Duke maintains a Restricted Regions List of locations that pose high risk.Export Controlled or Embargoed Countries, Entities and Persons. embargoes and restrictions under U.S. law. Countries with restricted entities on the EAR.The two exceptions are Saudi Arabia and Equatorial Guinea, where oil revenues lead to much higher per capita income than the global level.Repressive nations threaten jail terms, restrict Internet to.

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Technically, some outlets are privately owned, but none are independent, as Obiang and his associates exert direct or indirect control.Usually, this is supplemented with VPN service blocks, making it.The Duke Restricted Regions List is updated whenever conditions warrant by the.How Censorship Works: No independent media outlets are based in Uzbekistan.The government of Meles Zenawi appoints managers of broadcasters and state newspapers and licenses all media.Restricted Country Number of Applicants Filing from Restricted Countries Number of Applicants Living in Restricted Countries and in Current Payment.

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For this list, CPJ considered only countries where restrictions are imposed directly by the state.Iran became vastly more repressive after the disputed 2009 election returned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power.State media do not provide international news coverage unless Obiang or another official travels abroad.But both of those countries are beset by vast economic inequities between leaders and citizens.

I want to create a straightforward proxy server for my friends abroad, who encounter internet censorship.Government officials in Vietnam meet weekly with editors to give coverage instructions.

Here are some suggestions for finding information on the U.S. Department of State website.His grandfather, Kim Il Sung, ruled North Korea from 1948 until his death in 1994.How Censorship Works: Only state news media are allowed to operate in Eritrea, and they do so under the complete direction of Information Minister Ali Abdu.

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In making its selections, CPJ closely considered six other countries that are heavily censored: Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, China, Sudan, Turkmenistan, and Vietnam.Lowlight: In 2011, Eritrea planned to introduce mobile Internet capability, which is popular throughout the developing world, where cellular towers are often built before Internet or land lines.Reporting on sensitive topics such as relations with China can result in arrest and imprisonment.

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These controls were later extended to protect assets of other invaded countries. using the blocking of assets and trade restrictions to accomplish foreign policy.This year, security forces have increasingly adopted the technique of confiscating newspaper editions wholesale to inflict financial losses on publishers.

Lagging economic development is another notable trend among heavily censored nations.Laws bar the ownership of a computer without a license and ban the dissemination or posting of unauthorized materials over the Internet.

Embargoed and Sanctioned Countries. (BIS) announced that it is expanding its export restrictions on items subject to the Export Administration Regulations.In most cases, there are no region restrictions on products purchased directly from the Steam...By exporting censorship techniques, China plays a particularly harmful role worldwide.

In Somalia and vast sections of Mexico, journalists practice extensive self-censorship in the face of extralegal violence.

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Indeed, disputed legitimacy of leadership is at the heart of censorship and media crackdowns in many places.Leadership: Kim Jong Un, who took over when his father Kim Jong Il died in December 2011.

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