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The One App Netflix Fears More Than Any. if you are already using Smartflix,. news Personal Finance Politics Product Reviews Real Estate Religion Science.One last thing I would spend more time over at smartflix than a blog with banner ads that is trying to make money on click throughs.

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Interestingly enough, I did have another subscription, where after the initial problem of being overcharged, and having to send emails before they would send the DVDs.

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The people at SmartFlix are smart and legally savvy, and they probably know very well that if Blockbuster and its competitors did not concede to these private agreements that Disney, Time Warner, and others would have spent millions passing legislation to make an exception in the First Sale Doctrine for video rental.The next week Smarflix credited everyone back their additional orders.After four months and numerous emails of which most went unanswered, they finally came up with a solution.My biggest complaint about them is the structure of the system. SmartFlix should simply copy the way things work from NetFlix.I have sent them emails in the past and have never received an answer.I hope that I am one of the lucky ones who is happy with the rental. Reputation Review - ScamAnalyze

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So for those saying they are bottom feeders well its like saying netflix and blockbuster are also bottom feeders, which I disagree with. | SiteGlimpse

SmartFlix also added a Firefox search plugin, available from the website. -

I have asked them if they had anything to do with that, and I never got an answer from them, so not even a denial.Smartflix lets you watch the global Netflix catalogue. Next Prev.They have every legal right to rent your videos and not pay you a dime.I will post an update, as far as how they resolve the broken DVD issue.

Now they have charged my account 3 times for something I never ordered and have no idea why.Internet is a useful invention for the people who cannot spend time to find the material according to their subject in books or libraries, your blog is also a big part of this great invention.Most of the DVDs I have rented were titles that I had a strong interest in viewing but could have never afforded to purchase them.

It took 4 emails to them before they ever responded to my first problem.They probably pay the help they do have minimum wage or slightly higher.Regardless, many of the titles on his site are there against the owners wishes- as he regularly has to fend of irate content owners makes him quite a looser in general and a purveyor of bad will.There are many great how-to titles from bigger companies which do not appear on his site because he is too much of a coward to try playing with the big boys.According to a recent story on TownOnline, SmartFlix carries 3,200 specialty titles for the hobbyist and enthusiast.Movies you rent from the video store make their initial money from sales at the theaters, posters, and other merchandise.What SmartFlix does is legal, but I work for a small video business, and I can tell you that we and all of our colleagues agree that what SmartFlix does is not ethical. AKA technical video rentals has found a way to screw customers into ordering rental CDs that they have NO intention of adding to their order.

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SmartFlix Complaints, SmartFlix Coupon Code, SmartFlix Coupon, SmartFlix Phone Number, SmartFlix DVD, SmartFlix Rents Specialty Videos, Technical Video Rent.Norton Safeweb is a reputation services that scans websites and reports whether they are safe for you to.The disc shipped the day after I placed my order and was in very good condition.They cancelled my subscription and said they would give me a refund.Is fraudulent or infected with malware, phishing, fraud, scam and spam activity. Use our.

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Before you start claiming copyright infringments you really should look at 17 USC, section 109 of the the US Copyright law that you are claiming it violates.And if you ever find a title they do not have, you can always suggest they purchase the title.They absolutely have the legal right to rent our videos under the First Sale Doctrine, and all our titles are in their catalog.

I do wish they had telephone access (they only use email) but I understand the need to keep costs low.

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Smartflix lets you watch the global Netflix catalogue. by Hamza January 9, 2016. Tech. Now Reading.

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