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Allow user to run command as another user with their environment in sudoers.For sudo configuration from command line, you must edit the sudoers file as root with visudo.

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The command adduser USERNAME sudo adds the specified user to the group called sudo.

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Sudoers and.bashrc file needs to be configured on target Unix \Linux severs for NDG (Network Discovery Gateway) to run certain commands as sudo user without.

My suggestion would be to create separate groups for users based on roles and then use Command Aliases to restrict what they can do. this way if you are using something like LDAP for group management you only need to remove the user from the group in one location and then there ability to sudo goes away.He joined Red Hat as Fedora Project Leader from February 2008 to July 2010, and remains with Red Hat as an engineering manager.Browse other questions tagged sudo root not-root-user debian or ask your own question.

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Learn how to configure your system so you can use this useful utility.

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Password: Fedora This forum is for the discussion of the Fedora Project.If you are installing Fedora, you can configure this function in advance.

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Configuring sudo. sudo is easy to configure and uses a straightforward syntax.

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There is much more to configuring sudo such as allowing certain users or groups very specific individual privileges that are reserved for the super user.Linux 101: Introduction to sudo. Whether you will need to simply use sudo or you will have to configure sudo you will want to know the ins and outs of this.

This topic describes how to use the mssql-conf tool to configure SQL Server.To configure two-factor authentication using sudo in Linux Two-factor authentication is used to reduce infiltration.

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The following procedures create a low-privileged account and sudo elevation by using opsuser for a user name.To run as root use the su or sudo commands. you may find it convenient to configure sudo so you can use the same password to access root as you use for.To execute a sudo command in Terminal on your Mac, you must be logged with an administrator account that has a password.Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

It seems that the question content cannot be the whole file because it is not consistent with the output.As I said, to really understand that phenomenon, more information is necessary.

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By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.When you configure a process step (see Processes), you can tell IBM UrbanCode Deploy to use impersonation for the step.

You configure sudo commands to grant root privileges when not granting root credentials for a discoverable device.The system administrator must configure sudo by modifying the sudoers file.

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In the installer, when you set up a normal user account, check the option for.Behind the scenes, this option sets up the user so they can use.How to configure...The correct answer does nicely explain how to set up sudo correctly, and in that sense, it answers the question.To get back to being a regular use who has to use sudo for privileged operations, logout of the shell running as root.You may have noticed that the Vagrant user on your development server can use sudo without a password.

This manual page describes how to configure sudo(8) to work with sssd(8.He was a founding member of the Fedora Project Board, and has worked on documentation, website publishing, advocacy, toolchain development, and maintaining software.Even if there are useful definitions for users they would not have been shown.

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Certain commands in Fedora expect to be run only by a privileged user or administrator.Configure the sudo client behavior in sudo.conf View configuration with sudo -V.I was close to getting depressed, realizing that I was too focussed on the sudo -l output but luckily.