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Posted about 2 years ago by Akshay Gupta I am having the same problem.

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The hacker has changed his email ID and password and even security question.

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This is the most common case of recovering hacked Facebook account where the password has been changed but your Facebook account still have your associated email.

My friends facebook was hacked and email changed. How to recover account if email and trusted contacts changed by.

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I have tried every Facebook solution to take control back on my account, with no success.

Someone hack my Facebook account. he also change the email.

My Facebook account hacked. The hacker changed the

I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without.Having your Facebook account hacked is a. 4 Things to Do Immediately When Your Facebook Account. my fb got hacked. the hacker changed my email and password.

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Learn how to recover a compromised account,. from junk email and.

Someone has even changed the. account that was hacked and the email changed by.My friends account is hacked and his email is changed,. hacked and the hacker changed my email,. to you facebook account.

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In this tutorial I have explained how delete hacked Facebook account. you cannot log in to your account, hacker has changed the login email id as well along.

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My Facebook account was hacked and all the login details were changed.

The account was hacked and the password and email address have been changed.

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Somebody hacked my facebook account and changed my retrieval email address, they even picked my own trusted friend. so i have no other method of recovering my account.

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Ask a Question My friends account is hacked and email address changed.