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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More.Picture quality was fine on Medialink with a dozen or so divx files I tried.

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I have used VLC for a long time now due it to handling any file format with ease.sometimes when I play an.avi on WMP11.I only hear sound.but when I use VLC.the both come up.Just mulling over an upgrade to something better, something I store blu-ray on as well.Getting video to stream to the PS3 is easy,. (or the menu bar on a Mac). Your video game console is great for playing games,.

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I heard the TVersity team are currently working on a Mac version so it may be worth hanging on for it.

How to Stream Media From Laptop to TV. Apple TV and the Roku box, can stream audio and video. to your streaming device.I have no clue how to stream media from my mac-book to my PS3.

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How to Stream Media From Your Desktop To PS3, Smart TV, Smartphones And Many Other.Stream PlayStation 3 Supported Video Formats. refer to the mac solution.I also gave VMWares fusion a go but ran into the same problem as parallels.

As the resident Xbox 360 fanboy I had reservations about touching this one, but my Mac love triumphs over all and so I bring you news of a cool tutorial on.PS3 Media Server latest version: Create your Own media Streaming Server.I had no luck with EyeConnect I just kept getting server disconnection errors.VLC has all the codecs required for the files it plays incorporated in the application - so when you install VLC you get support for all the files it plays.Between its AirPlay feature and the Apple TV, Apple has made streaming media content from your iPhone to your TV extremely simple.

How Do I Stream From My Mac to My PS3 Instructions Download and install PS3 Media Server onto your Mac.What I want basically is for the PS3 to sit in one room and be fed all my films etc from a Mac in another room.How to Stream Netflix Movies to Your PlayStation 3. i bought medialink for my mac to stream downloaded content to my ps3.Only trouble is neither offer transcoding so the PS3 can only play files it recognises.

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I am running a WRT54GL router with UPnP enabled on there, plus a WRE54G expander to which to the PS3 is connected by an ethernet cable (running under a wired connection on the PS3 settings).

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On the PS3 you can partition the internal hard disk i.e. split the 60GB disks into, say, 20GB for PS3 use and 40GB for other use.This website uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.I can access all online functionality on the PS3 (aside from streaming media).

How to Stream Media to Your Xbox 360 or PS3. Mac OS X, and.Powered by Xenforo, Hosted by Nimbus Hosting, Original design Critical Media Ltd.I have some HD movies on the ipad and would like to know what is the best app, either from the app store or cydia that allows me to stream movies from ipad to xbox360.ONly fix is to reboot the mac or kill the eyeconnect process before it eats up the RAM.MediaLink offers a trial version that will only stream for 30 minutes until registered.This is probably down to the way Parallels handles networking through OSX.

How to Stream iTunes to PS3 Gaming consoles are growing in the amount of things they can now do. How to Stream From a Mac to Ubuntu. Category:.How To Play and Control YouTube Videos on PS3. to stream media from Mac to PS3.

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BTW I am using a standard 54G wifi router and did experience the odd dropout with eyeconnect but not medialink, this could have just been interference though and nothing to do with the software.

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Initially had problems with it playing music files saying unsupported format (aac files) but then it started saying the same with all other music files.

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I can source of lot of the stuff for free as well since I work for IBM.

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Here is neat trick you can use to play and control YouTube videos on your PS3.