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Now that Broadband Internet access has ascended to the realm of a public utility, has the FCC unleashed a monster.For the corollary question, see What are the strongest arguments for net neutrality.

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Millions of users weighed in, demanding that the FCC finally get net neutrality right, and issue rules that made sense and would actually hold up in court.By continuing to browse netivist you are agreeing to our policy.

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I am opposed to the net neutrality laws, because I believe that the internet should be a realm of entire freedom, just as America is a realm of freedom of speech.Thanks to sponsorships some mobile telecom operators may offer free internet access to some contents.

Would you like to create a debate and share it with the netivist community.Chile and the Netherlands were the first counties to enact laws to ensure network neutrality.Without net neutrality, an ISP could dictate what data an end user.

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Let the marketplace determine how the Internet will function, rather than government regulations and involvement.

I absolutely, vehemently disagree with the establishment of net neutrality.

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What is Net Neutrality really about, in simple terms and why is it important.

Pro-net neutrality group Fight for the Future has accused Comcast of attempting to censor a website the company claims violates its intellectual property.

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Comcast tries to censor pro-net neutrality website calling for investigation of fake FCC comments potentially funded by cable lobby Posted 11:06 EDT on May 23, 2017.

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Net neutrality: why the next 10 days are so important in the fight for fair. trying to kill net neutrality rules and that pro-net neutrality groups are using.

In an admittedly less-than-scientific analysis, the Daily Dot looked through the.For them it should emerge organically or naturally but not imposed through laws.

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