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Many consider corruption to be an ethical problem, a behavioural problem.Normal behaviour at a particular hour of the day may be unacceptable at another hour.

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Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power and elected authority for private profit.Something is rotten in the state of Denmark William Shakespeare Hamlet.

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Times, Sunday Times ( 2011 ) He was an early sufferer from the paranoia about power and corruption that we all live with now.Times, Sunday Times ( 2007 ) Thus disregard for the law, petty bribery and corruption were endemic.Investigations into the effect of the level of income enjoyed by a person, however, provide sufficient proof that this explanation is not correct.

Distribution of food throughout the country is being hampered by inefficiency and.

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Worldwide complaints are heard about politicians and public officials who accept bribes and enrich themselves privately at the expense of the common citizen.India is a vast and beautiful land, however the beauty and the goodwill of this great nation gets spoilt with the.Equally, as regards some business enterprises, it is a known fact that they do not keep any cash for bribes.

All rising to great place is by a winding stair Francis Bacon Essays.Synonyms for corrupt at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary: corruption - meaning definition synonyms translations origin anagrams.Tamil Meaning of Corruption - Tamil to English Dictionary with Tamil Meanings, Tamil Vocabulary - Searchable Tamil Dictionary.

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Geo-politics might play a role like e.g. the East-West conflict did in the second half of the 20th century, in which the major country-alliances sought support from non-aligned countries.Do they support the opinion that it is wrong to bribe politicians and public officials, whereas, the other way round, they themselves bribing these officials for their own profit would not be wrong.Many think that paying bribes is required to ensure smoother operation of society.

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The parliamentarian accepting bribes for using his influence and legislative power to endorse proposals profitable to some, is condemned in public by everyone.As a consequence products and services cost unnecessarily more than is needed from a commercial point of view, for as a matter of fact these gifts have already been budgeted.The Sun ( 2014 ) In relation to the hacking and corruption allegations, new evidence is still emerging from the various inquiries.

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Times, Sunday Times ( 2014 ) The reconstruction effort has been plagued by allegations of corruption.

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Times, Sunday Times ( 2012 ) We know there was no bribery and no corruption.When lower ranking public officials and politicians see, that their higher ranking colleagues line their pockets with big gifts, it might occur to them that it is justifiable to get their share.Naturally, those additional payments will end up in the economy anyway and are, therefore, a burden from a macro-economic point of view, either for the taxpayer or for the consumer.Corruption is dishonesty and illegal behaviour by people in positions of authority or power.This broader definition covers not only the politician and the public servant, but also the CEO and CFO of a company, the notary public, the teamleader at a workplace, the administrator or admissions-officer to a private school or hospital, the coach of a soccerteam, etcetera.